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Incubi Edward Lee


Edward Lee

Published September 1st 2011
ISBN : 9781889186405
221 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

WAS IT A SEX-KILLER? OR SOMETHING WORSE? RITUAL FOR LOVE He promises them his love, then kills without mercy. Each seduction ends in death--each victim, murdered in bed. Detective Jack Cordesman has vowed to unravel the demented mystery, to enter the heart of a maniacs temptation...where desire demands the ultimate price. PASSION FOR EVIL The stranger beckons--the man of her dreams...or of her worst nightmares. Veronica Polk longs for love, but it isnt love that awaits in the strange, moonlit manse. Something evil broods, leading her blindly into a mire of erotic obsessions and savage desires. An unspeakable secret awaits--ancient, unholy--that thirsts for her spirit and hungers for her flesh... INCUBI Theyll love you...to death.