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Flowers For Momma Linda Gangi Alessi

Flowers For Momma

Linda Gangi Alessi

Published March 5th 2007
Kindle Edition
156 pages
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 About the Book 

Flowers For Momma is an ethnic novel encompassing three generationsIt scans a period of seventy years following the arrival in America of two young men from Sicily who join the Maggio family.  They invited John Turso to their home for a two-fold reason… an arranged marriage for the younger daughter, Rosa and a helpmate for the father in his bakery business.  They were surprised when Benny came too, and who would affect all the lives he touched.  Connie Turso, the child of the union of John and Rosa Turso is estranged from her mother, Rosa, and the rest of the family for many years.  She comes back to visit her dying mother.  They both share a secret. It is in this homecoming that mother and daughter interact and unveil themselves as never before, each realizing the value of the other and the frustration of their lives