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Aberrant Mind Ken MacGregor

Aberrant Mind

Ken MacGregor

Published May 2014
188 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

ABERRANT is defined as unusual, abnormal or different. The stories in this book not only differ from most of what you read, but also wildly from each other. A retired school teacher takes on an elder god and his minion- a werewolf picks fights with sea creatures- a neighbor’s lawn may be eating people. Twenty-two stories: scary, funny, weird and different.In these pages, you will find darkness and fear, revulsion and terror. Mixed with it, however is quite a bit of humor. Sometimes both happen at the same time. So, open it up, join Jim as he fights off zombies with a potato cannon- witness the bloodbath reunion of the first man and his homicidal son- enjoy the monsters, the demons and the deranged.A word of warning, though: you may never eat a bagel with lox again.