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The Man Beneath The Gift: The Story of My Life Ralph A. Diorio

The Man Beneath The Gift: The Story of My Life

Ralph A. Diorio

Published January 1st 1980
ISBN : 9780688037406
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 About the Book 

Father Ralph Diorio was a Roman Catholic Priest with a Charismatic healing ministry during the 1970s. I found this book in a thrift store, complete with pictures of people who had been healed under his ministry, and was excited to read it as the Catholic Charismatic movement is an historical interest of mine.I was hoping to read about the particulars of the inception of Father Diorios charismatic ministry, as well as testimonials. I found that only about 1/4 of this book was the content that I was hoping for, and that not in very great spiritual depth.The former 3/4ths (or more) of the book detailed Father Diorios biography from childhood, through the religious forms of becoming a Catholic priest, and to me had very little spiritual substance. I did find certain things interesting intellectually, but as a biography of a Charismatic minister with healing and prophetic gifts, I was not greatly edified by it.The latter 1/4 of the book, or so, wherein Father Diorio actually begins speaking of his healing ministry certainly had greater depth to it, but was still comparatively dry in regards to what I was looking for. Father Diorio gives credence to the ministries of Kathryn Kuhlman, and Oral Roberts, defines certain traits which took place in his own healing ministry (some of which - seemed to me - strikingly similar to elements spoken of by John G. Lake), and shares a few testimonials. Unfortunately while these points of content did exist in the book, it still seemed rather dry, and it took a lot of reading through a lot things which seem entirely unrelated just to get there.I described my feelings on this book to a friend who put it this way: You were expecting a river, and got a trickle. That pretty much sums it up. It was a decent book as an autobiography - but not what I was looking for.