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Home and Haven Brynne McKay

Home and Haven

Brynne McKay

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Camille Washburn and her brother, Baxter, have lived with Steve and Laura Wright since their parents died in a drive-by shooting. Camille is nearly fourteen when Bax takes her to a little house in the folds of the hills of Eastern Washington, where she meets an old man named Richard Garrison who knew her mom and dad. He explains that Camille and her brother are heirs to supernatural powers for which their parents died.Camille, Bax, and Richard’s grandson Alexis set out in search of the mythical Wooten Haven, looking for answers and seeking to escape the visions of the past that Camille is fighting. There are eight families, Richard told them, but they are all almost gone now, hunted by the same people who killed Camille’s parents.Caught up in grudges hundreds of years old, Camille, Bax, and Alexis must turn and finally face their enemies: the ninth family, which has sought to destroy all the others in hopes of eliminating rivals, and for which Camille and Bax’s haven of a few hundred was only the latest victim. Together, Camille, Baxter, and Alexis confront them in hopes of saving what little remains of their people.